1990s - Three Friends Grew Up Gaming

The three of us grew up in Salford Manchester, UK, all having a common interest in playing computer games. We enjoyed the likes of Alex the Kidd, Golden Axe and Street Fighter on the Mega Drive. Favourite Console/Game You Ask? Amir: N64 – Goldeneye | Farooq: PlayStation - Call of Duty | Mo: Mega Drive - Golden Axe

2000s - University, Martial Arts & Gym

Between us we studied Internet Communications, Sport Science and Business Financial Management. Our free time was spent in grappling, gaming, boxing and pumping iron. We loved movies and spent years watching beatdowns on WCW and WWE. Favourite wrestler you ask? Amir: Sid Vicious | Farooq: Triple H | Mo: Goldberg

Lockdown - Mental Helth, Motivation

Like many others, we found it difficult over lockdown, and checked in with one another over video call. We touched on energy supplements that helped with cognitive focus, as we were never fans of sugary or fizzy drinks, but we came up short. We were craving something that was tasty, affordable and healthy. This concept then became the catalyst that helped Player Ammo come into existence. Favourite motivational/ feel good film: Amir: The Last Samurai | Farooq: Forest Gump | Mo: Rocky

The Present - Growing and Loving the Journey

We have a great team of ambassadors and community, new flavours being developed, and blessed with exciting opportunities such as our official Baki collaboration. We continue to grow from strength to strength, and loving every part of it. Favourite aspect during our journey you ask? Amir: Watching our ambassadors grow as a family | Farooq: Visiting gaming and Anime conventions | Mo: Testing new flavours